SEA/KDP 2019 Teacher Panel


The SEA and KDP Teacher Panel is here for another year!

Join us on: Tuesday, September 17, 2019 

Do you have questions about teaching? Come to our teacher panel

The Student Education Association (SEA) at Governors State University (GSU) is part of a network of state organizations that promote education and support teachers, social workers, school counselors and others working in the field of education. SEA hosts and takes part in many events each semester.

On Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 from 4:30-6:30 pm, SEA leader, Katie Zalkowski will lead a teacher panel in the E-Lounge at GSU.  Dr. Katy E. Hisrich, SEA faculty advisor, is organizing and marketing our event to students and faculty across the university. Students with any major are welcome to RSVP and attend this informative event. Event attendees can hear from first-year teachers, student teachers, current teachers, principals, and educational specialists. Topics covered at the event include, but are not limited to: edTPA, student teaching, first year teaching, job applications, specialty fields in education. Attendees can ask questions and receive informed advice. Attendees who are members of the Student Education Association can receive free pizza. The event will be a great opportunity to meet SEA members, enjoy food, and gain helpful insights for success in the field of education. Students are required to RSVP to Caitlin Rich by September 16th with their name, email, and major.

To RSVP or for inquiries on membership, contact Caitlin Rich or Dr. Katy Hisrich

Story written by: Kia Taylor

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