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The lift and shift of Summer Institutes during 2017 provided a unique opportunity to reflect, update, and realign the Golden Apple curriculum that is the heart of the Scholars program.

The Summer Institute leadership team has put energy and effort into modernizing the SI curriculum to align all coursework and learning objectives to five core competencies across all summers.  These competencies will include:

  • Cultural Competency: Identity, Awareness, and the Impact
  • Instructional Best Practices: Pedagogy, Technology Integration, Assessment, Social/Emotional Learning, and Classroom Management
  • Growth Mindset: Collaboration, Reflection, and Feedback
  • Civic Engagement: Change Agents in School, Community, and District
  • Professional Expectations and Transition to First Teaching Position: Meeting and Exceeding Standards

Beginning in 2018, Scholars will attend each of the Summer Institutes at the conclusion of each collegiate academic year.  Scholars who entered the program as high school seniors are required to attend all four Summer Institutes.  Scholars who entered as freshman or sophomores are required to attend the summer institutes for the years they are in the program:

Summer Institute (SI) High School



Pathway Scholars


Pathway Scholars

SI 1 After Freshman Year    
SI 2 After Sophomore Year After Sophomore Year  
SI 3 After Junior Year After Junior Year After Junior Year
SI 4 After Graduation After Graduation After Graduation

Golden Apple Summer Institutes aim to provide a curriculum that exposes Scholars to schools-of-need in diverse urban, rural, and suburban settings across the state of Illinois. For that reason, Summer Institute experiences occur throughout the state to expose Scholars to a variety of school settings.

We are excited to announce the dates and locations for Summer Institute 2018:

Summer Institute (SI) Date Location
SI 1 June 17 – July 14 North Central College
SI 2 June 17 – July 14 DePaul University
SI 2 IMSA June 6 – July 7 Saint Xavier University
SI 3 PreK – 5th June 6 – July 5 Eastern Illinois University
SI 3 6th – 8th June 10 – July 7 Dominican University
SI 3 9th – 12th June 10 – July 7 Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville
SI 3 Misericordia TBD Misericordia
SI 3 SPED, Bilingual, Specials June 10 – July 17 Saint Xavier University
SI 3 IMSA June 6 – July 7 Saint Xavier University
SI 4 July 15 – July 28 DePaul University

If you have a specific question or concern regarding your Summer Institute placement, please complete the Google Form below, and the appropriate Director will contact you. Additionally, complete the form if you have had a change to your academic programming, including your grade level focus, content area, graduation date, or other updates. We will follow up with you as needed.

Click Here to Complete Google Form

In the upcoming weeks, you will be contacted to confirm your specific placement, review logistics, and provide relevant data to secure your spot at SI 2018. Please be sure to regularly check your emails and respond to Golden Apple communications.

On behalf of Golden Apple and the Summer Institute Curriculum team, we are looking forward to collaborating with you at SI 2018!

Lauren Perez Pietruszka
Director of Academic and Social Supports

Melissa Fischer
VP of Curriculum and Instruction