S2S Conference – March 1, 2019

The Student Education Association (SEA) and Dr. Katy Hisrich’s EDEC 4570 Literacy Methods class participated in the S2S Conference on March 1st, 2019 at Governors State University.  This conference was offered to local high school students in the Crete-Monee area.  The high school students attended presentations given by GSU students. The presentations informed high school students on what to look forward to in college, helpful tips on how to be successful in college, and what they can prepare for currently in order to have a smoother transition from high school to college.

Katie Zalkowski and Keelin Crotty (SEA student leaders) presented “What’s Next?” along with EDEC students Tamara Coleman, Andrea Ivy, and Yasmin Ramos.  Karli Olszowka (EDEC student), Jaclyn Lukjanowicz (EDEC student), Amane Sbitan (EDEC student), Kia Taylor (student/ SEA leader), and Claudia Musa (EDEC student) presented “Navigating College and College Expectations.”  “Money, Money, Money” was presented by Guadalupe Mercado (EDEC student), Eman Ashkar (EDEC student), and Jamileh Shuaibi (EDEC student).  Lastly, Aimee York (student/ SEA leader), Hailey Czerwinski (student/ SEA leader), and Caitlin Kidd (EDEC student) presented “Campus Engagement and Involvement.”

The high schoolers left with an abundance of helpful tips, strategies, and advice that will benefit their future college careers.

Written by Keelin Crotty

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