KDP Initiation Ceremony

  • Date & Time: Thursday October 21st, 5:00-6:30p.m.
  • Location: Virtual – Zoom
  • Description: Celebrate the hard work and determination you have put in here at GSU by being recognized and initiated into the Alpha Iota Alpha Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi!
  • Audience: Invited KDP initiates.
  • Fees: Society Dues are to be submitted online at kdp.com and Chapter dues of $15.
  • RSVP: For yourself by September 25th, 2021 to Kate Drish at: kdrish@student.govst.edu
  • Organizers: SEA/KDP student leaders and faculty advisors 

Summary: The 2021 Kappa Delta Pi Honors Society hosted the initiation ceremony New members were welcomed into the KDP Honors Society with open arms for their academic excellence in the field of education at GSU. Current members of KDP & SEA attended the ceremony in order to recognize the success of their fellow peers.Thank you KDP leaders and faculty advisors for hosting this event! We want to give a big congratulations and a welcome to our new members that were initiated.

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