Pet Show Social – Jan. 25th, 2021

Social: Pet Show


In the times of social distancing and living life through a computer screen, SEA and KDP hosted an event that showcased something near and dear to our hearts. That is our beloved pets. It was a fun time to get connected with others over the love of their fur babies. This Pet Show social was filled with smiles, oohs, and ahs as we showed off all the wonderful pets. The judges carefully noted the best characteristics of the pets and ranked them according to the given categories. The leaders of SEA and KDP would like to thank all of those who participated and attended this wonderful event.

The Winners Are…

  • Most Pets – Andre
  • Best Owner Lookalike – Katy and Izzy
  • Perfect Poser – Shioban
  • Cutest Small Pet – Mary Kate
  • Cutest Medium Pet – Natalie
  • Cutest Large Pet – Sydney and Maverick
  • Cutest Newborn – Crollie
  • Cutest Senior – Dermer and Riley
  • Cutest Rescue – Sydney and Maverick
  • Best Rescue Story – Jessica S.
  • Best Eyes – Kate
  • Best Smile – Katy
  • Best Ears – Dermer
  • Best Groomed – Kate
  • Most Scruffy – Shioban
  • Best Trick – Sydney and Maverick
  • Most Unusual Pet(s) – Andre
  • Best Name – Andrea
  • Best Outfit – Katy

Pet Show Social – Pictures