About SEA

We are a local chapter, like other schools in Illinois and across the country, of the IEA & NEA. The IEA (Illinois Education Association) Student Program is a pre-professional organization of undergraduate and graduate students preparing for careers in education or an education-related field. As a member of the IEA Student Program, students are also a part of the larger Illinois Education Association, an educational professional organization representing over 130,000 members in the state, across 40 campuses in Illinois. IEA Student Program members are also part of the National Education Association (NEA), a network of state associations that has over two million members and is a major force in shaping the nation’s education agenda.  Students throughout the state on university and college campuses are able to take advantage of the many opportunities afforded them through the IEA Student Program, as well as engage in service to the community and professional development. 


Members of the IEA Student Program include students going into careers in the field of education and working in schools: teachers (infants to 12th grade), social workers, school counselors, occupational therapists, etc.  Students must enroll and pay membership dues annually. Our SEA group is led by student leaders who are guided by faculty advisers; the student officers develop leadership skills by running the weekly meetings, developing newsletters, managing social media, finding service activities, creating events, and recruiting members.

Members pay dues annually.  They can pay any time throughout the year, but membership goes from September 1st – August 31st. Dues for our chapter are $28 cash in person or $30 credit card online; after October 3rd, dues increase to $30 cash or credit card online.   To register to become a member of SEA at GSU, as well as be part of IEA & NEA, go to the NEA Registration website.

Benefits of Joining SEA   SEA Benefits Handout
  • Dues Rebate after graduation
    • $20 back for each year you are a member
  • 2 Annual State Student Conferences
    • November in Hoffman Estates
    • April in Springfield
  • Student Scholarships
    • The Illinois Education Association Student Program (IEASP) awards eight $1000 scholarships every year.
  • Seniors Receive a Chord for graduation
    • Must pay IEA and local dues AND attend an IEA conference before graduation
  • Help with resumes
    • distributed to superintendents in the state of Illinois
    • Former IEA student members have indicated that they have received numerous calls for possible teaching positions based on the information on the mini-resume form.
  • Employment Assistance
  • Retired teacher mentor
  • Professional Publications
    • StudentSpeak
    • Advocate
    • NEA Today
    • InstructorMagazine (when you join online)
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Liability Insurance
    • Each student member receives one million dollars in liability insurance.
    • great for when you are in the classroom as a student
    • Free Stuff
  • IEA App – access to membership and resources

See the IEA Student Program website for more information.


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