Farewell, Graduates.

Congratulations to two of our leaders who have graduated this month!
Unfortunately, their time as leaders for SEA/KDP has come to an end.
However, they are undoubtedly embarking on a rewarding career path.

We wish them the best of luck as they pursue a job and start their life as teachers.
They will both be remembered as remarkable leaders and will surely be missed!

Michelle Westergaard (left) served as the Vice-President of Student Education Association (SEA) and President of Kappa Delta Phi International Honors Society (KDP). She has devoted so much of her time to make sure that SEA & KDP events ran smoothly and efficiently. Michelle was an extraordinary leader who’s compassion for others and dedication to education radiated from her every being. Among other accomplishments, Michelle was presented with the “Rising Star Award” from Student Life and wrote an IEA/NEA grant on behalf of SEA/KDP. On May 18, Michelle was given the honor to be the student commencement speaker at the 2019 GSU graduation ceremony. She spoke of her involvement in SEA/KDP as a leader and her experiences in the elementary education program.
Please click here to listen to Michelle’s wonderful, and tear-jerking, graduation speech.

Sireen Hamarshah (right) served as the Secretary of Student Education Association (SEA) and Media and Public Relations Officer for Kappa Delta Phi International Honors Society (KDP). Although she helped plan and assist countless of SEA/KDP events throughout her time as a leader, the majority of her involvement in these two organizations included maintaining this website and blog. Her work helped contribute to winning the Student Life “Social Media Rock Star Award” for both SEA and KDP. Sireen was dedicated to her roles and duties. She worked hard on every task she was given and ensured that SEA/KDP members were always kept informed. On May 18, Sireen graduated alongside Michelle and 4 other students in their cohort with a B.A in Elementary Education.

Congratulations to our two fabulous leaders!
We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.


Written by Sireen Hamarshah

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