Initiation of New KDP Members!

Kappa Delta Pi Honors Society (KDP) hosted its annually induction ceremony on October 10th, 2018 from 5-7pm in the E- Lounge at Governor State University (GSU).  New members were welcomed into the KDP International Honors Society with open arms for their academic excellence in the field of education at GSU.  Current members of KDP & SEA attended the ceremony in order to recognize the success of their fellow peers. Guest speakers included Dr. Shannon Dermer, Dr. Marlon Cummings, Dr. Joi Patterson, and Dr. Amy Vujaklija. In addition, Mr. John Konecki and Dr. Dorthea Fitzgerald, were recognized as honorary members of KDP and shared a few words of wisdom with the new members. Following the ceremony, there were refreshments and hors d’oeuvres served to celebrate those inducted.

KDP is proud to introduce their new 2018 initiates:

  • Aidah Abdallah
  • Eman Ashkar
  • Melony Baccof
  • Jennifer Barnes
  • David Conrad
  • Keelin Crotty
  • Hailey Czerwinski
  • Eslam El-Hakim
  • Sireen Hamarshah
  • Cassandra Felton
  • Lorena Flores
  • Emisha Grover
  • Maria Hardt
  • Marcia James
  • Caitlin Kidd
  • Toni-Nicole Lawal
  • Cindy Lewis
  • Robbyn Madderom
  • Guadalupe Mercado
  • Claudia Musa
  • Karli Olszowka
  • Stacey Pickrum
  • Rekeyia Pierce
  • Chandra Pointer
  • Jamileh Shuaibi
  • Shari Triggs
  • Diamond Waites
  • Ashlan Wicks
  • Aimee York
  • Dr. David Conrad
  • Dr. Megan McCaffrey
  • Dr. Rashidah Muhammad
  • Dr. Lisa Pennington
  • Ms. Evie Plofsky

The ceremony was organized by KDP President/SEA Vice-President, Michelle Westergaard, and SEA/KDP Committee Chair, Dr. Katy Hisrich.

View the new 2018 KDP officers and committee here.
See KDP Ceremony photos here.

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