Alumnae Educator Makes an Impression at SEA Meeting on October 6, 2015

GSU View – October 12, 2015

Alumnae Educator Makes an Impression at SEA Meeting

kes thurman

Kesa Thurman, who received her M.A. in Educational Administration from GSU in 2002, brought some life experience and stories to the students, who are thinking about a career in the education field. The SEA is a pre-professional organization of undergraduate students preparing for careers in education.On October 6, the Student Education Association (SEA) held its first meeting of the semester and attendees were treated to a guest speaker who began her career in education as a student at GSU.

Thurman is the Director/Mentor at the Golden Apple Foundation, as well as a past recipient of the Golden Apple Scholarship. Prior to her work there, Thurman was a teacher and principal with the Chicago Public Schools, and she gave the aspiring teachers in her midst some advice. “Remember why you are here right now. Remain true to who you are as a teacher and recognize the motivation you have right now to teach. Our children’s lives are at stake and you are on the front lines.”

Thurman told the students the SEA and other professional organizations “have your back” and will help them in their careers. “Take advantage of the associations early on. They are a worthwhile investment because you are investing in yourself. Consider yourself to be a life-long learner. The professional affiliations will help you do that.”

She noted that while teaching is hard work, there is no greater profession, and that the students are “in the right place to become great” at GSU. “I knew very early on in my life that I wanted to become a teacher. This is a great place to learn this profession. GSU is truly a hidden gem,” she said.

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