SEA Members Contribute Voices

Through an initiative to hear students’ voices, President Elaine Maimon presented one of


Jessica White, Dr. Elaine Maimon, Michelle Westergaard

many opportunities for students to join in round table discussions with campus leaders on Thursday, February 1.  Taking initiative, Jessica White (Student Education Association Treasurer and Kappa Delta Pi Secretary) and Michelle Westergaard (Student Education Association Membership and Activities Director and Kappa Delta Pi Secretary) joined students, faculty, and staff for an evening of sharing experiences.


Jessica White, Justin Smith, Michelle Westergaard

After Dr. Maimon made introductions, participants spoke from personal perspectives resulting in productive dialogue about both issues on campus as well as potential solutions.  Michelle said, “The evening was an excellent opportunity to talk about our overall experiences as GSU students.”  These experiences included involvement in student activities, clubs, and honor societies such as the Student Education Association (SEA) and Kappa Delta Pi (KDP).

Michelle said that she and Jessica shared with the room “how involvement is crucial for having a positive overall collegiate experience.”  She went on to say, “Joining organizations helps students to feel like they are an integral part of the University, and provides excellent opportunities for networking.”  For Michelle and Jessica, being involved in SEA and KDP have been vital to their success and enjoyment as students at Governors State University.

Students interested in joining SEA or learning more about KDP should check out the website or contact Michelle Westergaard ( for more information.

#FutureTeachers at GovSt Host #HashtagLunchbag Event to Help Local Domestic Violence Shelter — funded by a grant from #IEA

The Student Education Association at Governors State University (#SEAatGSU) is hosting a #HashtagLunchbag Event to help people at local homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters.  This event is funded by a grant from the Illinois Education Association (#IEA). Dr. Katy E. Hisrich (Assistant Professor in Education) and Erin Peterson (Student Leader of SEA and Student in Early Childhood Education) are organizing and leading this event.

Volunteers will make sandwiches and cards, as well as pack the bags.  We welcome students, faculty, and staff at GSU, as well as members of the community.

This event takes place on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 from 3-5pm at Governors State University in the southern suburbs of Chicago, IL.  To RSVP or for more information, contact Erin Peterson:

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