SPOTLIGHT – Kia Taylor

Welcome to the eighth “spotlight” blog post featuring one of the student leaders of SEA at Governors State University!

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Kia Taylor

Kia Taylor is a 22 year old student in the Early Childhood Education program with an endorsement in ELL at Governors State University. She aspires to teach Kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd grade when she graduates with her bachelors degree. 

Her fondest memory at GSU is meeting new friends and getting closer to them every semester. Certainly, she’s made some lifelong friends throughout her time at college. In addition, she really enjoys her leadership experience and involvement in Student Education Association (SEA). Kia would consider her graduating and earning her first college degree in December 2019 to be her biggest accomplishment!

In her free time, Kia loves doing makeup/beauty and reading. In addition, she’s devoted to fitness and tries her hardest to live a healthy lifestyle. She would highly recommend that people try eating chocolate covered crickets. She assures that they are low in calories and very crunchy! 

While at home, Kia enjoys watching post-apocalyptic/Sci-Fi TV-shows. Some of her favorite TV-shows include The Walking Dead, Rick and Mortyand Law and Order: SUV. Her favorite movies would have to be Wanted, Spirited Away, and anything by Marvel. She enjoys eating sushi and any breakfast food. She loves the smell of eucalyptus and mint.

If Kia had to choose something she couldn’t live without, it would have to be her planner. It’s the one and only tool that helps keep her life organized. A movie title that best describes Kia’s life would be Pursuit of Happiness. She tries to live by one of her favorite quotes, “When they go low, we go high.” – Michelle Obama. 

Currently, Kia is working as a substitute teacher for a Charter School Network in the South/West side of Chicago. If she was ever given the chance to pursue any job as a politician, Kia probably wouldn’t last very long because she’s really bad at lying and pretending that she likes people when she doesn’t. She knows that she would only speak the truth which would make a lot of people upset with her! 

The person that Kia looks up to the most is her mother. In fact, she would consider her mom to be her role model because she’s the strongest person Kia knows. She taught Kia how to be independent and nurturing, both of which are invaluable skills. Sometime in the future, she would love to go camping at a national park with hot springs. She’s never been to a big national park and it’s been on her travel list for some time.

In the next few months, Kia is looking forward to going to China for a week and a half in May on a study abroad trip. In the next 10 years, Kia is looking forward to starting her career, getting her masters degree and perhaps beginning a PhD, getting married, starting a family, and adopting more pets. She wants to be remembered for her kindness and passion for education. In addition, she wants to be known as the educator who made a difference and evoked change in her community and country. 

If you have any questions to ask Kia or would simply like to share your thoughts, please use the comment section below. Thank you!

Information Provided by Kia Taylor
Spotlight Post Written by Sireen Hamarshah

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