Sensational Teacher Conference!

On Friday & Saturday, Feb 8-9, IEA hosted a conference for future teachers in Bloomington, IL. The two-day conference was meant to help attendees prepare for the teaching profession.

SEA/KDP leaders and members attended a multitude of sessions that covered various topics including student teaching, addressing controversial topics in the classroom, integrating the Arts, understanding the basics of a first year teacher’s contract, incorporating movement and brain breaks, student engagement, culturally responsive teaching, social emotional learning, etc. The sessions were led by current teachers and administrators.

In addition to the sessions, attendees had the opportunity to meet and talk with retired teachers from the IEA Retired Mentor Program. Throughout the conference, current education students were able to enter tickets into a raffle to win teacher-supply bundles/prizes donated generously by the retired teachers. IEA members who are graduating in May received their honorary cords.

As always, the IEA Student Conference was very beneficial and succeeded in providing future teachers with useful information and advice. SEA & KDP would like to thank IEA and the IEA officer team for a sensational experience that will truly be unforgettable!

Written by Sireen Hamarshah

For more photos from the IEA Student Conference 2019, click here.

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