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Welcome to the fifth “spotlight” blog post featuring one of the student leaders of SEA & KDP at Governors State University!

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Aimee Minette (16 of 5)

Aimee York is a 29 year old student in the Early Childhood Education program with an endorsement in ESL at Governors State University. She aspires to teach first grade students when she graduates with her bachelors degree. 

Some of her fondest memories at GSU is when she joined the SEA team and met one of her closest friend. Aimee completed a different degree back in 2014 and considers her decision to return to school, to pursue a degree in a field she’s very passionate about, to be one of her biggest accomplishments. 

In her free time, Aimee loves to read, hang out with her friends and family, travel, and drink wine. She would recommend that people try to do things that are outside of their comfort zones like sky diving or rock climbing. Sometime in the future, Aimee would love to go on a spontaneous road trip because she loves to embark on new adventures. 

While at home, Aimee enjoys watching Vampire Diaries and Big Bang Theory. Her favorite move series would have to be Harry Potter, Divergent, and Twilight. She really enjoys eating sushi and any Mexican or Chinese dish. Some of her favorite scents include fresh cut grass, rain, and lavender.

If Aimee had to choose something she couldn’t live without, it would have to be her husband and family. She truly believes that she would be lost without them. They are her support system, provide her with endless encouragement, and get her through tough times. A movie title that best describes Aimee’s life would be Crazy, Stupid, Love. The crazy is because her life has been crazy with work, family, and school. The stupid is because she loves being silly. The love is because she married her best friend this past August. She lives by one of her favorite quotes, “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” – J.K. Rowling. 

When she’s not attending class, Aimee’s probably working at her job as an infant teacher at a daycare center. She’s held this position for the last 11 years. If she was ever given the chance to pursue a job as a bartender, Aimee believes she wouldn’t last very long. She doesn’t think she’ll be able to serve drinks very fast or listen to people fighting, perhaps sometimes needing to defuse them. She’s a good listener when people need to talk. But, when it comes to bar brawls and violence, she runs in the other direction.  

The person that Aimee looks up to the most is her mother who was married when she was 18 and started in child care. She is currently the director and owner of a child care center Aimee works at and she has children from the past who still remember who she is and come to visit her. She enjoys what she does and loves each and every child as though they were her own. Her mother’s career inspired Aimee’s passion for working with children as well. 

In the next few months, Aimee is looking forward to going to China to study abroad in May. She hopes this will be an amazing experience that she would have never had on her own. In the next 10 years, Aimee is looking forward to having a career in teaching, having kids, building a house, getting an English bulldog, and making an impact on children’s lives. She aspires to be the teacher that is visited by her former students when they’re older and told that she made a difference in their life.

If you have any questions to ask Aimee or would simply like to share your thoughts, please use the comment section below. Thank you!

Information Provided by Aimee York
Spotlight Post Written by Sireen Hamarshah

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