HUGE Success! – Disaster Relief Project

Disaster Relief Project (NEA Grant)

Collection: January 29 thru February 21
Sorting and Packing event: Tuesday, February 27

The Student Education Association (SEA) at Governors State University organized a disaster relief project funded by a National Education Association (NEA) grant. This event benefited residents of Texas affected by the hurricanes in fall 2017. This project and grant focused on helping South Houston High School, along with their students, teachers, and families. SEA at GSU collaborated with the high school, NEA retired teachers, and the SEA chapter at San Jacinto College.

The first goal of the event was to upgrade the outside area at South Houston High School (SHHS). The outside area used for lunch and classes was damaged by the hurricane. The beautification and landscaping were completed on Saturday, March 24 by the high school baseball team, 10-12 other high school students, and the SEA members from San Jacinto College. $600 worth of local landscaping such as dirt, mulch, plants, and trees were purchased or donated for less than $200 total due to the generosity of a local landscaping store in Houston. With the available funds, the school was also able to purchase 3 picnic tables and two mesh metal trashcans for use in the outdoor space.

The second goal of the disaster relief project was to collect school supplies, as well as personal care items, to be donated to school children in Texas. The culminating event of this project took place on Tuesday, February 27 in the G Atrium. At this time, more than 15 SEA members, faculty, and other volunteers worked together to sort items and package them for transport to Texas. The school in Texas will be receiving six boxes bursting with donations of notebooks, earphones, pens, shampoo, soap, and a variety of other materials for their students. Thank you to everyone who volunteered and donated to this wonderful cause.

SEA leaders and advisors who wrote and organized the grant: Reyna Hernandez, Jessica White, Dr. Katy Hisrich, Dr. Amy Vujaklija

Thank you to everyone who helped! Our Disaster Relief Project wouldn’t have been such a huge success without each and everyone’s support.

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