IEA Scholarship for Future Teachers!

Attention SEA Members!

There is and IEA $1000 scholarship for future teachers for the 2017-2018 year! 

You have two weeks to complete the application that includes the following:

STEP ONE: complete online portion no later than March 1, 2017 available at

STEP TWO: SUBMIT THE ITEMS BELOW via mail to address at bottom of this page or email attachments to Must be postmarked or received via email no later than 11:59 pm on March 1, 2017.

THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS are required in addition to the online portion:

  1. Two (2) letters of recommendation. 

Both letters should be written by non relatives and written in the last six months.

  • One of the letters must be written by your Student IEA local campus advisor, local chapter President, Student IEA State Officer, or a member of the IEA Board of Directors.
  • Another letter might be written by current or former employer/supervisor, current or former professor/teacher, extracurricular sponsor/coach, clergy, etc.
  1. College transcript. 
  1. A typed essay (approximately 500 words) that answers the following question:

Student IEA promotes activities in the following 3 areas: teacher quality, community outreach, and political action.

  •  Conduct a face to face interview of a current IEA member and tell us where and what level/subject he/she teaches (you do not have to tell us his/her name). The current IEA member should be an active educator in a preK-12 public school. Other college student members and retired mentors are not eligible for this interview requirement
    •  If you previously earned an IEA scholarship and completed a similar essay, please interview a different individual that is a current IEA member than you completed in the past for the previous scholarship application.
    1. Ask them about their impressions of IEA and their involvement in IEA at the local and state level.
    2. In your essay, please reflect on your interview and the member’s responses.
    3.  Has his/her experience been similar or different from yours in seeing IEA as influential in the 3 areas listed above?
    4. What will you do with the information you learned from the member you interviewed?

If you need help identifying an IEA member to interview, please contact Meredith Byers or any Student IEA state officer.

  1. Financial proof from parent or guardian (if claimed as dependent).
  • If not claimed by anyone as a dependent, only personal financial proof is required. (W-2 and page of tax return that contains “adjusted gross income”).

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