Student Panel & Dinner, How to Succeed in College Not Just Survive – February 21, 2017

On Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 from 4:00-6:00 pm, SEA leader, Lexi Marquardt will be leading a student panel & dinner, “How to Succeed in College, Not Just Survive,” which will take place in the E-Lounge at GSU.  Dr. Katy E. Hisrich, SEA faculty advisor, is organizing and marketing our event to students and faculty across the university.  This event is part of the GSU Intellectual Life Grant awarded to SEA for Spring 2017.  Students from any discipline (preferably freshmen and sophomores) are welcome to RSVP and attend this important and beneficial event. The discussion topic is how to succeed in college. Ten SEA leaders will provide students with tips and helpful information on how to get organized, manage time, and get involved in college.  Students may ask questions while leaders share their experiences in college. Those attending can enjoy a free taco bar dinner. The evening will be a great opportunity to meet SEA members, enjoy food, and gain helpful strategies about how to succeed in college, not just survive.  Students are required to RSVP to Lexi Marquardt by February 15 with their name, email, college, division, and major.  There are only 25 spots open – first come first serve.

To RSVP or for inquiries, contact Lexi Marquardt or Dr. Katy Hisrich

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The Student Education Association (SEA) at Governors State University (GSU) is part of a network of state organizations that promote education and support teachers, social workers, school counselors and others working in the field of education. SEA hosts and takes part in many events each semester.

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