Career Workshop, Summary – February 7, 2017

The Student Education Association (SEA) at GSU hosted a Career Workshop on Thursday, February 9th, 2017 in the E-lounge. The event was introduced and led by Samantha Allen, who did a wonderful job with announcements and introductions throughout the night.  In attendance were students from the Division of Education, Division of Social Work, and Division of Psychology and Counseling.  Faculty and staff were also came to the event, such as Dr. Timothy Harrington (chair of the DOE), Dr. Xiaobo She, Dr. Katy Hisrich, and Carol Morrison.  Two presenters spoke at the event: Cynthia Staples and Rhona Israel. Cynthia Staples works in Career Services at GSU and provided a great deal of useful information on resume format, cover letters, and content. Rhonda Israel is the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources at Bloom Township District 206. Her advice was very broad and useful for students from many majors including Education, Psychology, and Social Work. She spoke at length about guidelines for resumes and interview tips. She also discussed when to apply for positions in the field and how to stand out from other applicants. The second part of this event included small group work sessions. Here, students were able to receive individualized help with their resumes, as well as gain insight.  The two people who facilitated small groups and provided assistance were: Dr. Katy Hisrich and Dr. Xiaobo She, both Professors in Education and faculty advisors of the Student Education Association, and Carol Morrison, who is Director of the Family Development Center.  The SEA would like to thank Cynthia Staples, Rhonda Israel, Carol Morrison, Dr. Xiaobo She, and Dr. Katy E. Hisrich for their participation and advice at the workshop.

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