Care Bags for Veterans, Summary – November 7, 2016

The Student Education Association (SEA) at Governor’s State University (GSU) is part of a network of state organizations that promotes education and supports teachers, social workers, school counselors and others in the field of education. SEA hosts many events throughout the year.

The most recent took place on Monday, November 7th in the G Atrium, hosted by the SEA Community Outreach and Activities Coordinator, Maria Pinedo. This event focused on the creation of care packages for veterans. For several weeks, students and staff donated a variety of items of need by veterans. The items donated included 50 shampoo bottles, 30 pairs of socks, 80 packages of ramen noodles, 80 water flavor packets, 80 cans of food, 50 movies, 60 granola bars, 50 packages of baby wipes, 20 t-shirts, along with a variety of other items. Overall, a total of 893 items were donated and 50 care packages were created by SEA members, GSU students, and GSU staff. Veteran Coordinator, Sergeant George Sanon, from Prairie State College was also in attendance as the guest speaker. Sergeant Sanon and all attendees of this event were pleased with the outcome. SEA is proud to have had the opportunity to help local veterans with this community outreach project.

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